"Just had the first fast (okay, fast for me) and totally pain free run since June/July of last year. I have to say "Thanks" to Elise Berry's Hotbox Fitness. The heat, her use of FMS & stretching have put me back on track. I highly recommend trying it out if you are in the Columbus."

"Elise Berry's Hot Box Fitness class was amazing! She's an awesome instructor and I've never felt better! I will not only be going back but also referring her to everyone I know!"

"4 classes in 6 days, 5 lbs lost  !!! Elise is amazing!!!"

"I have no history of making exercise a part of my life (until 2 weeks ago) and I actually look forward to Elise's classes.  The first week, I lost 6 pounds which is motivation to keep going back.  The heat in the room is actually a good thing because it keeps your muscles from tightening up so that you're not so sore that you dread going back.  I am amazed that at each class, I am able to do more than I did the last time.  This "Hot Box" concept is amazing and highly recommended for every fitness level."

"Elise is awesome and she makes the workout fun!"

"I felt AMAZING after class! Can't wait to go back!"

"Awesome, unique a very special class"

"Really interesting work out. The heat made me feel great afterward. Can't wait to go back."

"It is a great workout and Elise Berry is a great trainer, watches your form, helps you at all times. She is great, I'd 
would suggest everyone young and old try this class!"

"I had hip pain for years that kept me from sleeping at night.  After taking Hot Box Class for a few months my hip pain is gone!"